Dominique Healy's first memory of sewing is hand sewing a tissue at the age of 5 being too young to be allowed on the sewing machine.
So it's safe to say her obsession began from a very early age and she attests a lot of this passion and drive to her aunty.
The first project she set her aunty upon for herself and her sister was a pair of Pride and Prejudice inspired dresses as they were besotted by the BBC series.
Then at around 8 years of age Dominique finally took to the sewing machine and has spent every spare minute at it in the years since.
Dominique's work background spans 10 years in the textile industry, working for a fabric retailer and wholesaler; a job she very much loved and was sad to leave. However through meeting like minds through her work she felt compelled to start her own clothing label and by that time had amassed quite an impressive fabric collection. 
Her design philosophy is to celebrate each fabric individually in a style that bests honours it and while her fabric selection is wide ranging she has a soft spot for silks in particular. She also promotes a good dosage of sparkle through her collections.
Dominique launched her online store in 2017 and is a partner of Before March, a Melbourne boutique where she stocks the lion share of her range.

Her products are made in house in an effort to promote local and ethical clothing production.